Friday, February 4, 2011

Scottie Stuff
"Scottie Stuff", you just can never get enough
"Scottie Stuff", they'll say "enough is enough!"
I've tried and I've tried very hard to change
but the other dog stuff, just isn't the same!

There's something about those little bitty legs
those bushy little eyebrows, that sweet little face
that little "monkey grunt"- that spunky little strut
a loyal little heart, stealing yours right from the start!

So we'll find another place in the house or on the table
in the office, or the cupboard - where ever we are able.
For once you've owned scottie it just isn't enough,
You have to find a place for all your "Scottie Stuff!"

~Lisa Snyder
copyright 2011


Kaitlyn Michelle said...

and you say i have a problem with "sccops"?... ;)

they do look really cute in the china closet though. :)

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

Lisa, this is so sweet!! I would love to share it at our next Scottish Terrier Club of Western Virginia meeting - is that OK with you?

I know you'll find a sweet Scottie girl soon.


Keriann said...

Love this, Mom. So sweet!