Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I had my eye on this title for some time. The description at Lamplighter Publishing intrigued me immensely. I finally sent for it.
I am a huge proponent of the "ounce of prevention being worth the pound of cure" philosophy, for all philosophies stand with absolute truth, water it down to meaningless murkiness, or stand in direct opposition to it.

It's lessons were as simple and powerful as God's truth, which lays plainly before us, waiting only for our decision to work the outcome. It was that way in the garden, and will remain so till time passes away.

I knew this story would be a lesson in the curse of thinking we know better than the Lord, and the results of demanding, or taking as it were, what we may feel is missing, or that which the Lord is holding out on us. But, what impressed itself most indelibly upon my heart and mind is the love and kindness of the Lord in His Sovereignty, in hedging us in even with thorns, from a pure heart of love for us, causing me to ask for wisdom and discernment regarding all things and situations concerning my life.

It amazed me to see all the "thorns of affliction" the Lord allowed in this young man's life to thwart him from evil. And so it is with us, and yet we grumble and complain thinking our Lord cares not for our woes, when He is leading us with chords of kindness.

"It is good for me that I was afflicted that I might learn Thy statutes."~ Psalm 119

"Our heavenly Father, having pity on His poor creatures, and having provided for them a means of salvation, disposes their affairs in life in that way which He sees will best work towards the attainment of this blessed purpose, that is their salvation; He knows the way they ought to go, and puts, as it were, a hedge on this side and on that side,to keep them on the paths of righteousness. Some are hedged in by careful or vigilant parents, some by strict or hard masters, some by sickness, some by poverty, some by dying friends, some by unkind relations, some by frowns of the world, and some by infirmities of their own minds...pp 40,41

Oh that we would trust the hand that afflicts us as Paul did (IICor. -10), and even as our Savior did when the Father did not allow the cup to pass from Him.

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