Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In keeping with the Christmas Season...

we had our ladies 'tea' this past Saturday. This is year was especially fun because we had our two "little tea sippers" with us, my grand-daughter Zoe who was just 2 in November, and Adelyn Sophia, my sisters grand-daughter who is just 6 months.

Sugar's Tea Room
is just 10 minutes from home and is just beautiful. We had a grand time with all of our little delicacies, good music, and great fellowship. it's a must do for January, I think ;-)
Following are pictures from two recent visits ;-)
There are 2 sweet videos at the end ...;-)

Pam, Head Hostess

Zoe shoppin'

Menu's, so quaint

My sister Linda on my right, my Keriann , left
Lin's lovely Kristy and my
"mother-in-love" and sweet Zoe of course!

My Katie, has been working here for
awhile as hostess I don't know if
it qualifies for work

A Scott of course!


Mom & Aunt Sheryl

I hope you can see the tiny little rose bud garnish.

These scones are warm and amazing,
my favorite, the white chocolate pumpkin !

Beautiful and delicious!

Kaitie, at tea a week before.

Kristy and her lovely Adelyn

Our sweet waitress, Linda

Zoe and Addy, she is so sweet telling the baby to "call Nonna"

Zoe and the "sugar cube"

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The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

What precious memories you are making.