Tuesday, June 29, 2010


...of good things to come!

We decided to invest in a garden this year.
Frank, amazing man that he is, built us raised beds, which make tending easier and keeps everything safe from our bunny friends.

We planted the usual; tomatoes, peppers, red green and jalapenos, butter lettuces, onions, eggplant (my favorite;-)and green beans. Oh, also salad cucumbers and pickling cucumbers, which we hope to make with the dill from our herb garden!

Biddy surveying Kate's progress, lol!

ta da !

The Herb family,so cute...:-)

Oregano and Basil, (just divine on hot pizza!)
Chives, Parsley, Dill, and Peppermint, (which
Kate puts in her homemade ice tea!)
I also added sage after this photo was taken.

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