Monday, May 31, 2010

God Bless America, My Home Sweet Home.

As I watched this video my heart was overwhelmingly touched by the sacrifice of life for our freedom. It would do us all well to consider the fact that we will never know what the cost has been to others and their loved ones for the liberty we are privileged to have in America, from the first cry for independence until this day.

Let the rest of the world have their opinions about America, but there has never been a country under the hand of Almighty God, and only by His grace from it's very institution, that has been so benevolent.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is sadly mistaken, for when God takes His hand off of America, the rest of the world, as well as America will suffer. Israel is God's chosen nation, America is the only nation whose founders chose God, and that has made all the difference.

It is plain that we owe the "great experiment" of America, and the victory of the American Revolution, and Constitution, to faithful, godly men the Lord raised up.

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