Monday, April 26, 2010

I have spent much time considering a post on this. At one point I was going to have much to say, then thought perhaps it was best to keep quiet.

To a great degree I felt like a coward for leaving the post without explanation.I was torn between wanting to cry out over this man's speech, and the "fear of man" snare " of not wanting to "offend"

I see now I was wrong, and after hearing his "Vintage Jesus" series I felt ashamed for my silence.
The Lord said "blessed are those who are not offended in me"

As I said, I researched and went from being infuriated, (fearing what I might say in my anger), to the "fear of man'. That was after reading "articles one especially by Dr John MacArthur on Driscoll's message on The Song of Solomon, (and reading the text of the actual message). I was horrified.
I understand that because of the outcry of Godly Ministers such as Dr. Macarthur ,and others, that Driscoll apologized and took the message down. ( I removed the link to this message after reviewing it in more depths because of the content.)

This man has denigrated both the Word of God, and the Lord Jesus Christ in his series "Vintage Jesus".
I could not believe what my ears were hearing, I could never imagine it could be that a human being, calling him self a "Minister" of the Lord, could possibly say the things he was saying, ABOUT the Lord!

This man hold's thousands in his sway under the guise of "the Emerging Church", and "what needs to be done culturally to reach people today". I will let you research on your own, for it is not even what other Godly men say concerning him, it is his own "messages" that condemn him.

This man needs to step out of the pulpit, or rather from behind his desk and repent of his works. He is nothing more than a HBO comic, tickling the ears of his listeners, (who roar in laughter at each disgusting thing he says).

Mark Driscoll
A man of God?

Matthew 7: 20.

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them....

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