Monday, April 5, 2010

Enjoying Family at Easter

My husband and my mother
I told her if she doesn't stop doing that i will tell the next generation that
we made her do it cause she was not too pretty ;)

Braidon and Connor
Harold & the Purple Crayon

my Frank and Braidon
awaiting the arrival of the Fryers

My beautiful mother & Grady Benjamin
3 weeks old today

Seamus & Kaitie
too cute !

Biddy, she thinks everything is for her!

Sweet Zoe Elisabeth

The Fryers
my Keriann & Casey
Believe it or not sh just
gave birth 3 wks ago !!!

Frankie in charge!
Zoe, Connor (my nephew)
and my little Declan who was just 3 on Saturday

my sister Linda
and her lovely girls
Tara, & Kristy (due in June).

I didn't get pictures of my mother and father in law who came a little later, but we all had a great time for which, I am thankful. The children always get on so well, and have such fun together.
All in all it was a beautiful day.

p.s. this is
my beautiful mother ..:)

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