Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Abiding in Him

"I want to tell you a growing conviction with me, and that is that as we obey the leadings of the Spirit of God, we enable God to answer the prayers of other people. I mean that our lives, my life, is the answer to someone’s prayer, prayed perhaps centuries ago.

*It is more and more impossible to me to have programs and plans because God alone has the plan, and our plans are only apt to hinder Him, and make it necessary for Him to break them up. I have the unspeakable knowledge that my life is the answer to prayers, and that God is blessing me and making me a blessing entirely of His sovereign grace and nothing to do with my merits, saving as I am bold enough to trust His leading and not the dictates of my own wisdom and common sense... Oswald Chambers"

I had to go back and retrieve this from a former post. This statement is becoming more real to me all the time and I am finding such a sweet surrender, and peace in resting in His providence and sovereignty . Truly, what more could I ask for. Simply trusting Him, and letting Him have His way, believing nothing could be greater than Him working out His purpose.

*this particular line especially, for it must always be His will, not mine, His purposes, not mine, for His good pleasure, not mine, for His glory not mine.

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