Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time for a Scottie Post

(you've got to click on them to really get her sweet personality ;-)

Giving "the Scottie whites"

all dressed up !

waiting for a handout

squirrel watch

a kid at heart she gets in there on her own

fence buddy, Sarge

makin the picture!

just plain suffering...


Kaitlyn Michelle said...

I love that puppy! :)

Lisa said...

I'll try to remind her of that the next time your giving her the "dickens" over something. LOL!

Kaitlyn Michelle said...

Maaaybe I'm justified sometimes?... ;)

Lisa said...

Maybe, and sometimes...hmmm those are appropriate words. Let me try them, maybe sometimes your not? She is just a little dog ;-)

The Strawberry Mallard said...

TY s much for sharing these beautiful stories and photos ~

She is a BEAUTY ~ and Angus said so!