Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The faith of a little child...

Keriann called the other night and shared with me that at Casey's request she had taken the boys out on the porch to see the Moon and Mars. The boys love to see the moon and they have a particularly good view of the night sky from their home.
As it turns out they were full of "wows" , when Seamus the eldest (4), raised his little arms to the sky and began to say with dramatic emphasis..."My God is SO big, SO strong, and SO mighty, there is NOTHING my God cannot do. The mountains are HIS, the rivers are HIS, the STARS are HIS handiwork too..." Keriann said what amazed her was the spontaneity. "He gets it, Mom" she told me.

I need to go out at night and look up more often...

Seamus, Declan
& Zoe Elisabeth

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legendswife said...

It is truly wonderful,fascinating, to look up and think "God created this". I love to see the awe look in my children's eyes of them knowing that.

God Bless