Sunday, December 26, 2010

Can't help remembering.

I was over to visit Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi ,and saw what a fun time they had in the snow. It made me think of Biddy, she just loved the snow, and she made it so much fun for us. We use to take her tube-ing when she was younger, she loved to ride on anything that moved. I just had to dig out a few shots from last year.

As I look out my window and see the first flakes of our (hope to see) several inches floating in the air, I can't help thinking it won't be the same without her, but I am very thankful for the memories. Thanks for sharing, Lynn.

Friday, December 24, 2010


For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given...

and the government shall be upon His shoulder; and His name shall be called Wonderful,
Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.
(Isaiah 9:6)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Do you see what I see?

Come with me but quietly please.
Do you see what I see?

A young mother pushes in the final stages of labor. A boy is born- wiggling tiny arms and legs, emitting the first cries of life. A young lamb, startled by the crying baby, jumps away through the cave, while an ox moves back from his trough. The new baby boy, wiped clean and wrapped in cloth strips, settles down in the straw while His mother is cared for by Joseph, a carpenter. Outside the world reports for census by imperial decree, uninterested in the birth of one child Who causes all things to exist. Whispers of gentle love and total awe echo in the cave.

"He's here, Joseph. Count His toes and fingers.
"They're all there, Mary. He's fine and healthy. How are you feeling? You were marvelous!"
"I feel wonderful...Jesus, His name is Jesus,
'Salvation is of the Lord.' "

The exhausted new mother falls asleep. A hard-working carpenter stares into a manger. God lies kicking and gurgling in the straw.

Come with me, but you may need to shield your eyes and cover you ears.
Do you see what I see?
The dark December night, peppered with stars, violently splits open. A blaze of lightening invades the darkness, but it does not vanish. It stays. Near Bethlehem, shepherds and sheep alike are paralyzed momentarily by the glory. They squint as they gaze up into the night.
Terror grips the heart of these rugged men as they stand captured by the radiance of Heaven. Panic transforms into peace as an angel declares, "Don't be afraid. I bring you good tidings of great joy. Today in David's city a Savior has been born for you. He is Christ, the Lord!"

The night sky opens even wider. Heavenly beings in a thunderous, joyful chorus fill the night with praise. "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom His favor rests!"

Shepherds learn of an infant boy lying in a feeding trough. He is their Savior, the Christ. The skies slap shut, the stars shine on in the night, and shepherds race to see this child who is the Christ.

What do we see, you and I? We see a mystery that shocks our minds. We see the incarnation of God! God, the eternal Son, Who has stepped out from glory and fidgets in a manger bed. We see God made flesh, living among us, beginning as we do. God is with us - the infant, dependent, vulnerable child. Born of a virgin - Immanuel! We bow, awestruck, before the One Who has stooped so humiliatingly low, before the King Who cries as a baby.

But, we see more. We see the heavenly Father Who, when His Son is born, rearranges the night skies and commands heavenly armies to sing. We see a Father whose birth announcement for His Son is written in blazes of glory, punctuated by the voices of angels. We see a celebration of cosmic dimensions. We shield our eyes, catch our breath, and wonder what it all means.

What does it mean, this incarnation of God the Son, and the celebration of God the Father among the heavenly hosts? The name of the baby cradled in the cave outside Bethlehem give us the unmistakable interpretation. His name is "Jesus, because he will save His people from their sin," and they will call Him Emmanuel - which means "God with us." Incarnation and celebration are bonded forever in salvation. God the Son became flesh to save us. The angels sang across the heavens the song of salvation. God the Father sent His Son, Mary gave Him birth, blazing angels celebrated His appearing, shepherds raced to see Him first, He is the Savior, Christ the Lord. Incarnation, celebration, salvation. Jesus gives meaning to them all.

Have you got another minute? Come with me, but brace yourself.
Do you see what I see?
A blood stained Jew lifts His head and cries, "It is finished!" Jesus hangs His head, breathes His last breath, and dies suspended on a Roman cross. The Father in Heaven, His holiness revolted by sin, turns His back. The mob spits and curses, some women and a few men weep, while others hide behind barred doors. This is the gutter of the incarnation. The angels are mute, the earth is dark, the Son of God is dead. There is no celebration now, just incredibly costly salvation. He died in the place of others for their sins. He became your sins and mine so that we may become His righteousness.

Yes, we still see incarnation and salvation. But angels do not initiate the celebration now. It's your voice, bowing before the cross, repenting of sin, and rejoicing in salvation, that brings the celebration. The angels eagerly join the happy chorus of the redeemed. Will you join me? Here are the themes of the song:

Incarnation - Jesus
God's presence
Unsearchable miracle

Salvation - Jesus
God's provision
Unfathomable mystery

Celebration -Jesus
God's Praise
An unending Marvel

~John W. Frye

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Biddy & Brown...

When we moved into our home Frankie was 18months old, Kaitie was 4.5, and Keri was a sophmore in high school. We were only here two weeks when my sister, Linda asked if I wanted to go to the S.P.C.A. with her to see dalmation puppies they had, she was looking to get one. I went along for the ride and was browsing the kennels when I saw a young chocolate lab. He seemed very sweet and friendly. I kept going back to say hi to him several times, and commented to my sister what a nice dog he was.

That evening at dinner I told Frank about him, and he said let's go up and take a look at him. Well, needless to say he rode home on my lap. He was 5 months old and 40 pounds of joy and energy. He proved to be every bit as sweet as I had thought, but as anyone, I believe with a lab knows, he was "full of mischief."

It wasn't long before I was looking him straight in the eye and saying "I wonder what crime you committed that ended you up in the pound to begin with." He stole our food, chewed our shoes and anything else he could get a hold of . He was a" Houdini" at escape. He could open the front storm door and get out and knew how to open the back to get in.

I remember him stealing and eating 5 foot long hot dogs, with everything on them, a roast, pizza, cookies and more.
One day I scolded the children when they were younger for leaving "Jolly Rancher" candy papers on the floor, and promptly told them if they couldn't throw the papers away they couldn't eat them, only to come around the corner later to see Hershey carefully lifting one out of the candy dish!

He would cry like crazy when he heard the ice cream truck, and tried desperately to "place his own order at the drive through" at McDonald's.

We loved him to pieces, and he was wonderful with our children. I considered myself his "legal advocate" as I would often be heard telling my husband "Honey, love covers a multitude of transgressions." That doesn't carry a lot of weight when the dog has just eaten the Sticky Buns, your husband bought to take to work the next day!

We had this dear (75 lb) friend for eight wonderful years, then came Biddy, all of 8 lbs, and 9wks old. We discovered her in a pet shop one day. We weren't looking for a Scottie, but there she was.

As I researched the breed I was a little apprehensive to get a Scottie, because a few people told me they were nasty. However, I came across a very reputable breeder in Texas who proved to be a sweetheart at educating me on the breed, gave great counsel on training and grooming, and assured me they were wonderful companions.

She advised me to stay away from pet shops, but it was really too late because we had already fallen in love with Biddy, (visiting her there 3x a week) and there was no going back. I kept trying to talk myself out of this when one day Kaitie ,who was 12 at the time, came to me and said, "Mom, she's expecting us today." That was all I needed to hear. Realizing someone was going to take this puppy home I decided it would be us! A few hours later she was home, where she belonged. and the rest is history.

Hershey was so gracious to her, letting her win every tug of war, and putting up with all of her Puppy-ness. They became great friends even though I know she pushed him to the brink some days. Sometimes she just drove him plain crazy.

We had to put our beloved Hershey down when he was 12 years old, and though we missed him terribly, Biddy was a constant source of life and fun for us.

It is hard to say good bye to such faithful friends. In some ways they are like perpetual children, always under our care, loving and dependent. Today, I am thankful for both of them and the many years we had the opportunity to give them a quality life, full of love. Neither one of them had a real great start in life, but I am happy to say we had a part in changing that for them. They rewarded us amply with loyalty and love.

perimeter check...

what a unique pair

bone swapping was Biddy's favorite thing

he let her think she was in charge
and she loved it!

Align CenterI think this says it all as far as showing grace!

The 2 of them together were pretty pathetic
when it came to comfort.

Hershey in his last days

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In keeping with the Christmas Season...

we had our ladies 'tea' this past Saturday. This is year was especially fun because we had our two "little tea sippers" with us, my grand-daughter Zoe who was just 2 in November, and Adelyn Sophia, my sisters grand-daughter who is just 6 months.

Sugar's Tea Room
is just 10 minutes from home and is just beautiful. We had a grand time with all of our little delicacies, good music, and great fellowship. it's a must do for January, I think ;-)
Following are pictures from two recent visits ;-)
There are 2 sweet videos at the end ...;-)

Pam, Head Hostess

Zoe shoppin'

Menu's, so quaint

My sister Linda on my right, my Keriann , left
Lin's lovely Kristy and my
"mother-in-love" and sweet Zoe of course!

My Katie, has been working here for
awhile as hostess I don't know if
it qualifies for work

A Scott of course!


Mom & Aunt Sheryl

I hope you can see the tiny little rose bud garnish.

These scones are warm and amazing,
my favorite, the white chocolate pumpkin !

Beautiful and delicious!

Kaitie, at tea a week before.

Kristy and her lovely Adelyn

Our sweet waitress, Linda

Zoe and Addy, she is so sweet telling the baby to "call Nonna"

Zoe and the "sugar cube"