Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Sweet Umbrella of Protection

His banner over me is love, He hedges me in, His love surrounds me always...

In a moment today there came to me a vision of the Lord going before us and protecting us, I want to praise Him for His goodness, and loving kindness--He is always good, always.
I love this picture. Could anything be more lovely, than these sweet tiny lilies. When I look at them an overflow of beauty fills my mind; exquisite, elegant, graceful, gentle, sweet, and precious.

From my childhood they have been my favorite flower. I am amazed that my Lord created such a thing, so fragile, and vulnerable, yet with an umbrella of protection in such hardy foliage, covering, shading, safeguarding, and protecting, cradling as a very sanctuary these dear treasures. He is an amazing, Almighty Creator...I call Him, Father.

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