Saturday, October 24, 2009

My favorite time of year, good company, and good conversation,,,

It was a beautiful fall day today. I took these from
the front porch. Biddy just makes everything a picture :)))

It was so warm today, yet it rained most of the day. Then it stopped and the sun came out in all of it's glory. Not to much later, more clouds and more rain. I loved it all. I was talking to Katie about how much I enjoyed the day (she worked all day). I was sharing with her the changes in the weather. It occured to me that no matter what the appearance of a day is the condition of our heart is the deciding factor. A brilliant sunny day can't cheer a sad heart, and even a gray day is special to a glad, and grateful heart. I loved today, she did too (apart from the tremendous humidity;)) We had a nice afternoon together, and she made a lovely dinner.


Keriann said...

Very nice, Mom. I think, though, what your blog is missing is a Simple Woman's Daybook post :)
I love you, Mom.


Kaitlyn Michelle said...

I love that puppy.... :)