Friday, April 3, 2009

For a Special Son

Happy 18th Frank!
There is no sweeter mystery
than a son,
You hold him,
fast asleep in your arms,
and wonder
what he's dreaming.

You watch him at play,
his imagination taking him
someplace you can't
quite follow...

You see his interests, his tastes,
his talents taking shape,
all the while guessing
at what he's thinking.

You look at the man
he's grown up to be
and marvel at how everything
came together through God's goodness,
to make Him who he is.

You see in him so much
you always hoped for,
so much you never could have dreamed...
And it's all a part of your love for him.
It's all a part of why
you're so proud
to have him for a son.

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