Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Here we go again...

Last August we had a fat mass removed from Biddy's hind quarter, thank fully it proved to be benign. There are different types of fat masses, liposarcoma is cancerous, lipomas are not, this however, in not being cancerous is an infiltrating lipoma,which means it invades surrounding tissue. It has a blood supply and continues to grow. If not removed it could increase in size and because of its location cause pressure on nerves, or loose it's blood supply die, and then break open inside her and that would cause other problems. All of this was explained to me by the Surgical Specialist I had her to yesterday. She is scheduled for surgery on the 16th.

The surgeon explained that this will be a very aggressive surgery, removing muscle tissue and some good tissue as to try to ensure the tumor does not return. This will result in a larger incision. She will be wearing a patch for pain meds, which I'm happy for since I will not have to be concerned with timing pills to manage her pain. I will be giving her anti-inflammatory meds. The patch will cover 3 days, and by then the other meds will have had a good chance to work on the inflammation internally. He did say she would still have pain, and I need to keep her activity way down.

I just bathed and groomed her up, I'm sure she will be shaved up...

oh poor, poor Scottie vanity
how we will suffer!
look not only on thy great beauty
but to thy best.

furnishings so fair to thee
sacrificed for thy good
to thee will return again in time
yes, summer will prove them thine.

So I ask for your prayers that our great God, the Creator of all creatures great and small would allow this surgery to be successful. She is only eight years old and is the dearest, sweetest, gentlest little friend one could have in a Scott.

The Patient in question

Keep your friends close.

Take time in life to stop and smell the Poppies

No one else in the house gets away with
making themselves this comfortable!

After last years surgery

This is how we found her one day...
What a nut :D

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