Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I thought this bears repeating...

Frank wrote a beautiful tribute to his parents, not
only were they blessed by it, but I was as well. I thought
I would share it ...again :)

We all join here together
with friends and family dear,
to celebrate whom God hath joined,
and preserved throughout the years.

Perhaps not always easy;
nothing worth having is,
to sacrifice and work so hard
for those they hold so dear.

Yet not neglect to offer
response to help or plea,
to first think of others always,
and lend help in time of need.

How proud would be your parents,
to see you as today
How proud would be your parents,
You chose a narrow way.

For marriage is a sacred thing
not made for jest or game
for two to come together,
to bond and share a name.

From God who is forever
ten times eternity
did bless us with these marriage vows,
proclaiming all to be.

So we celebrate together
what happened long ago,
as decade met each decade;
your commitment it did grow.

For vows to last these 50 years
old words now ours to wonder;
"what God hath joined together,
let no man put asunder.

And now we lift our glasses,
with occasion to be glad,
for collectively we say to you-
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.

I'm so proud of this tribute, and so very proud of you. I know how blessed your parents were, and I can see in each stanza where your thoughts were as you meditated on this milestone your parents are sharing. Love you.

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