Friday, February 20, 2009

Revive Our Hearts

"...The life of Joshua tells us, no matter what we’re facing, to be strong, be courageous. Over the coming days on Revive Our Hearts, I hope you’ll take a careful look at the life of Joshua with me. His example is going to help you deal with troubled finances, with family stress and with anything else that may be causing you to be fearful..."

..."How many of you have more problems now, in some ways—or bigger problems—than you had before you became a Christian? You have one significant problem less, and that is that you’ve got your eternal salvation established. But in terms of temporal issues, you may be feeling, “I’ve got bigger problems now,” whether it’s your health, family issues, financial issues or relational challenges."

“Then Amalek came and fought with Israel at Rephidim.” The children of Israel needed to remember, and we need to remember, how they got to Rephidim. How did they get there? Well, in verse 1, which we didn’t look at, when they first went to Rephidim, it says they went “according to the commandment of the LORD.” Why were they there in this place where the enemy could come and attack them? Because God had led them there. They were in a place of obedience. ~Nancy Leigh DeMoss

I was visiting "Loving Hearts at Home", and saw that Keriann was posting on this new series that Nancy Leigh DeMoss is presently doing on Joshua. It was such an encouragement to me I thought I would spread "the goodness" :D ...Don't miss out!

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