Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn !

Kaitlyn - Michelle
"Pure - Gift of God"
Where there ever truer words spoken of anyone?

our gift of God

"She has consecrated herself to her Lord. She is purity, loveliness, and beauty. She is sober, yet has a girly sense of humor. She is sweet, but will tolerate little nonsense (thank my Dad for that one). She is feminine and modest..."
to add to the words of your big sister Keri
I will say... "all together lovely"

6 months old

at the fair

a Flower Girl
how lovely
(p.s. I made the dress!)

41/2 years old
with Daddy & Frankie

always with those rocks!


cello at church

Concord Massachusetts Louisa May Alcott's Home

Frank & Kate

Reading to Seamus

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