Friday, August 8, 2008

The Testing of Our Faith , More Precious Than Gold

I've been thinking about Joseph, and his brothers since my recent post on the 5th of this month. It was such a long process the Lord took to work out His purpose, and to be Jacob and Joseph's "re-reward". So much happened in Joseph's life. So much of an example for us. It's funny that we cling to those examples however we avoid the experiences which the Lord allows to bring them about.

I was out and about today running some errands and thought what is more painful, to go about through one's day with a broken leg, or a broken heart?
A broken leg is instantly on the mend, not so with a broken heart. A broken heart just resonates it's pain, and it is not moving about that makes it hurt all the more it is merely thoughts.

Joseph carried a broken heart for a very long time. He didn't know what God was working out. He paid a high price for his faithfulness to God, to maintain that testimony, even though He didn't create the chain of events that started them.
He kept himself from self pity, and bitterness, and because he did he was able to receive the blessing the Lord intended for Him and for his family.
What did it mean in Joseph's brother's life to receive such mercy instead of bitter vengeance? This was the heart of the man Joseph allowed the Lord to create in him.

I pray as I walk through this life, even though I am no Joseph, and will never be an example to untold millions, that I may honor the Lord in all that He allows in my life. I pray that I would not dishonor Him, nor grieve Him in His providence.

I hope that I would be able to say with Joseph "... ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good..." (Genesis 50:20)

These words penned by Stonewall Jackson to his wife are such encouragement in trusting God's providence:

Try to look up and be cheerful, and not desponding. Trust our kind heavenly Father, and by the eye of faith see that all things with you are right and for your best interest. The clouds come, pass over us, and are followed by bright sunshine; so in God's dealings with us, He permits trouble for awhile. But let us even in the most trying dispensations of His providence, be cheered by the the brightness which is ahead. Try to live near to Jesus, and secure the peace which flows like a river.
...I have been taught never to despair, but to wait expecting the blessing at the last moment. Such occurrences should strengthen our faith in Him who never slumbers...

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Promise Christian Academy said...

Hi Lisa,
This post was so thought provoking. Thank-you for posting..I actually enjoyed it so much, I printed it... and the next three posts... so I can read them over again at a quiete time. Right now, supper is ready on the table and we are just waiting for my husband to come home from his long commute! It was nice 'visitning' with you again!
Hilda Rebecca