Saturday, June 7, 2008

Baby update

We were very excited this past week that Keriann was going for her 20 weekultra-sound. This meant we were going to find out who our next little blessing was going to be.
I was very excited because I've been waiting to start a blanket, and was anxious to know whether to get pink, and lavender, or blue, green and yellow yarn.
Kate, Frank and I went down to sit with Seamus and Declan while Keri and Casey went of for the test. (It seems I always end up watching those two, and I can't tell you how all that hugging and kissing them can wear one out!) I figured I'd run right out for the yarn when they got back.
Well as it turns out, Keri's OB is going away for several weeks and sent her for the ultrasound a few weeks early. That means the sex of the baby is questionable at this stage. They said what they believed the baby was, but I'm not going to mention it as it is still up in the air so to speak. I'll wait until Dr. Z get's back and does another one. Until then, no yarn.

This must be one of my lessons in patience!


Promise Christian Academy said...

Hey Lisa,
It was a boiler here, too. It is supposed to be 102 today.... it was above 100 yesterday and we were at an outdoor party... but I made my way inside quite often! Did the doggie enjoy the ice bath? Is it something they like? I would have liked one yesterday :) We have cats, but my son wants a dog so much... maybe one day his dad will let us. You asked where we are... we are in NC about an hour and a half away from the coast and about 3 hours from the mountains... I like my state so much, though as a child I thought I had been born in Maine... I spent so much time there with my mom and her family. I had a 'yankee' accent so thick that down here they put me in speech class in kindergarten because my southern teachers couldn't understand me! The kids said "Hilda has an accident" instead of accent. I try hard to speak well... no dropping the ing...pillow instead of piller... right here instead of rite cheer...(I really don't have trouble with that one, but it is common talk here!) but it is so hard in the South! And when I do go up North or get around northern relatives.. my accent comes back! I love the North, too. I have always wanted to visit PA. I have wanted to see the Amish country...
We don't know what our next grandchild is either, I think it is a boy :)
Happy Sunday
Hilda Rebecca

Promise Christian Academy said...
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