Saturday, May 17, 2008

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I've had my eye on this book for sometime, and found it popular among many on the blogosphere as a favorite read, so I decided to put it off no longer.

Although I am presently in other titles and don't usually juggle my reading attentions, I decided "what's one more".

As I was able to find this 1912 edition on the net, (I always enjoy a book so much more when I can get a hold of an antiquarian edition), I jumped right into it. I am so thankful I did not put it off, and finished it inside of a week.

What an incredible piece of work, following this young woman's life from her sixteenth birthday, until the twilight of her life was an amazing journey, I truly could not put it down.

Elizabeth Prentiss created a lifetime masterpiece when she put her hand to this work, and it should be read by everyone. I was especially taken with the candid day to day struggles this young woman faced in her daily Christian life.

Nothing could be more encouraging these days than realizing you are not the only one who still struggles with the old man, that this life is a school of learning what sinful creatures we really are, and how great our Saviors loving kindness, and long suffering is for us.

It depicts each of the joys and trials that our Saviour sends our way as ordained in such love, and for our very best, that we cannot help but thank Him for each and every one of them.
All of the little unseemly battles of attitude, and flesh are met with in the life of this young woman who desires to live a life for Christ, and yet struggles with her own thoughts of self righteousness, the sinful flesh that keeps manifesting itself in her, (which she so despises and longs to overcome), and the battle to lay down her life, and die daily, for her Saviour.

This book is a wonderful minister for young women still under their parents instruction, and authority, as well as young women who have embraced being a wife and mother. I can tell you that after 20 years of marriage, and three children, this book deals with every thing women experience in their journey to be a woman after God's own heart.

You won't find any easy answers in this young woman's journey, as every battle that is fought finds it's victory in mortifying the flesh, and yielding to the Spirit.

What makes this story so endearing is that is is written in journal form, and therefore brings you into the very trials, and tears, as well as the joys and victories this precious girl faces. You will find yourself sympathizing with her, scolding her, and rejoicing with her. But most of all you will see yourself, and your Savior in ways you never have before!

This is one of those rare books that you will want to read again, and maybe even again after that!

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