Friday, May 16, 2008

In Reading & Review

I'm in the middle of reading several books right now, not the usual for me, I mainly stick to one until I see it through. However, I am having a lot of fun mixing it up.
I just recently purchased this book for Kaitlyn and Frank, "Do Hard Things" by Alex, and Brett Harris,
the creators of the site "The Rebelution" .
The book arrived in Tuesday's mail and I decided to read it first, as I was intrigued by the reviews I had read, and I wanted to see what kind of 'hard things' this book was about.

I am surprised to say I am more than half way through it, and I am very impressed at the challenge this book presents to our next generation to rise above mediocrity. Anyone, regardless of their age, would feel challenged reading this book.

They are able to present the battle we face in life with the mediocrity of "good enough", and the complacency of living life in our "comfort zone. They unmask these issues in an incredible thought provoking way, and uncover snares that we fall prey to set by a common enemy whom we all have, who would like nothing more to see us miss out on all that we could become in Christ.

Alex and Brett encourage young people to make the very most of their lives for Christ now, not someday, not when they "grow up".

The Harris' draw from present day youth and their determination to be their best for Christ, in overcoming their flesh and the "status quo" , as well as giving historical examples of young lives that God used.

Definitely a book for those who want to break free of the mold of "trying to be like every one else" and be the individuals God created, and purposed for them to be...for His glory!

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