Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The future of not just our Nation...

...but the lives of so many babies!

I was visiting Stacy McDonald's blog Your Sacred Calling and was impressed with her comments on a post she did on Barack Obama, and his views on babies, and abortion.
I actually heard the audio clip of Barack making these statements, and they can still be heard by clicking here. It is frightening to think this man could sit in the seat of the highest office in our land.
Stacy did a remarkable job touching on this and I would recommend a visit to her site.
Also there is a site Hand of Hope (not for children) that brings home the stark reality of what this man stands for.

On that note I would like to share the words to a song I heard many years ago by Ray Boltz.

What Was I Supposed to Be?

Jesus walked upon the earth,
On the shores of Galilee,
He'd say to His disciples,
Let the little children come to me,
I wonder if up in heaven,
Do you suppose we'll see
little children asking
what was I supposed to be.

What was I supposed to be,
What were my eyes supposed to see,
And why did I taste of death
before I even drew a breath,
Laid my head at my mother's breast,
to sleep.
Oh Jesus,
What was I supposd to be?

Was I to be a prophet
used in the ministry,
A doctor who would find a cure
for some terrible disease,
Even if I'd been born imperfect
why couldn't my parents see,
That I'd have been made perfect
when you came back for me.
Oh Jesus,
What was I supposed to be?

Oh Jesus, what was I supposed to be,
Oh Jesus, what was I supposed to be.


Miss Jean said...

Hi, Lisa! I just wandered over and discovered your blog. Actually, I did a search on all blogs that like Scottish Terriers. Come visit my blog today for a little surprise!

Thank you such a moving post. More people should read it and truly understand. Bless you.

Miss Jean said...

Maggie is our second Scotty. Our little Marjorie lasted 15 years old. We didn't get another one until I retired and could be home to housebreak her. She's a little dickens but we love her. Go visit Sweet Cottage Dreams on my link list and meet Becky. She is the proud owner of Dughall, Maggies step-brother!

Promise Christian Academy said...

Hi Lisa,
I know you must be excited about the new baby! We are here, too. I just love hymns... I have been looking for a cd that has some in a lower range with the vocals. It seems most are intstrumentals or choirs that sing too high for us to sing along!
You asked what we were doing.... we are trying to rest our way through a virus that has come into our home... and stay in from the high temps outside. We are feeling much better today, so we are having bursts of activity followed by a favorite movie... then activity...then rest!... the boys picked out A Little Princess and Amelia (who is not sick) is sewing little "critters" out of Kaylee's baby socks. She will most likely post about them on her blog later today. We hope to be better soon, the kids have piano recital in the morning and we hope to go to a family gathering celebrating a graduation in the afternoon. We will have to see how we are feeling, but we seem to be getting through this with out too much trouble, by God's Grace! With a big family it is difficult to keep everyone from 'catching the bug'!
What pattern do you use for your baby blankets? Do you do different patterns for each child? I am not much skilled in crocheting and only slightly more in knitting...but Amelia does great. I have too many pots on the fire, or what is the saying? I have so many hobbies that is is hard to excell in them all... in some, I just dabble :) Scrapbooking and Sewing are my favorites and where I am most skilled..and we are going to tackle quilting this fall!
Have a great weekend!
Hilda Rebecca