Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Let everything that has breath, praise the LORD!

God, and God alone, created
all these things we call our own,
From the mighty to the small,
the glory in them all,
is God's and God's alone!

God, and God alone, reveals the truth
of all we call unknown,
and the best and worst of men,
won't change the Master's plan,
it's God's and God's alone!

God, and God alone,
will be the joy of our eternal home.
He will be our one desire,
our hearts will never tire,
of God, and God alone!

God, and God alone,
is fit to take the universe's throne.
Let everything that lives,
reserve it's truest praise
For God, and God alone!
- Steve Green

I first heard this song, by Steve Green many years ago. From the first it captured my heart. When I read the words I feel such a deep sense of God's majesty, His power, strength, and sovereignty. Many times when this old world wears on me, when I see the direction our culture is going in, it comforts me to reflect on these things. I am so very thankful to be a pilgrim in this world, and to know that I will be able to enjoy Him for all eternity!

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