Sunday, February 17, 2008

William Wilberforce

I watched Amazing Grace a few months ago, and would recommend it to everyone. I ordered it before it's release in November. While I was waiting for it to be released I decided to research Wilberforce and discovered what an amazing servant of God he was. A British MP who led a 20 year battle to abolish slavery in his country, he has been referred to as "the greatest reformer in history". The distinguished historian G.M. Trevelyan described this accomplishment as " one of the turning points in the history of the world."
I decided to read his biography and also did much of web research which led me to so many other interesting saints as well. When the movie finally arrived I enjoyed it so much more than I'm sure I would have without the research. His was a life that could not be readily captured in 90 min. (not to mention the "artistic license" that screen writers take with some one's life. I've always said if a movie was made on my life I hope they take the liberty of making me taller and thinner!)
William Wilberforce had some pretty amazing contemporaries, such as John Whitfield, John Newton, poet William Cowper, Phillip Doddridge, and so many others. Each of these people became an interesting research journey, and deep source of blessing to me.

Since I presently home school my 16 year old, Frank, we were able to do these things for his schooling. I hope many take the time to research this man's life and see how powerfully the Lord used him. There is so much to glean from these lives, so many untapped blessings.
The biography I chose was A Journey Through The Life of WilliamWilberforce by Kevin Belmonte ( leading Wiberforce scholar & consultant for this movie)...excellent reading. I was very impressed with the degree of history this talented author was able to pack into this little gem. It is just filled with beautiful photographs, and covers in just over 100 pages an incredible amount of Wilberforces life as well as touching on the lives of others who influenced him. This work would definitely be a great addition to any home library.

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