Thursday, February 14, 2008

Little Scottie Girl

May I introduce you to Biddy, our sweet little Scottie. She is the daily entertainment at our house. She's been with us from the time she was 9 weeks old, and I can hardly believe that is 7 years now. She is the ruler of the back yard and garden. (Above) She saw a chipmunk go in this drain pipe a few years ago and she checks for him regularly, spending summer afternoons "on watch". I really don't think he frequents this spot since her bark probably made him deaf. I just don't have the heart to tell her so, therefore summer after summer she camps here, it seems to keep her happy, and occupied.

Yet another day on patrol, (is she posing?) such a show off.
I'm sure she can't wait until this winter is past to go out and check on the status of Mr. Chippy, even though she has her share of fun romping in the snow, and chasing the squirrels in winter.
One thing is for sure she will miss our neighbor's Golden Retriever, Sara, her backyard buddy, who lost a battle to cancer this fall. She was Biddy "fence friend", as they share the fence dividing our yard with the neighbors. A new fellow has come to live next door, " He's Toby, Biddy, what do you, huh?"

Sara & Biddy this past summer

Sharing Declan's banana with him


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Kaitlyn Michelle said...

She really is the best , isn't she?
We couldn't ask for a better little friend.